Girl Mogul

Because of my short stature, I sometimes shop for myself in the junior’s section. I couldn’t help but notice that all of the witty T-shirts were in the boys and “young men’s” section and when looking for their counterparts in the departments for girls and juniors, I came up empty. The majority of shirts with slogans on them besides a maker’s name, revolved around the concepts of “I’m a Princess,” “High Maintenance,” and combinations there of.

Luckily, Andres Stein was thinking the same thing when she founded Girl Mogul. She was horrified at very little being available that featured strong and resourceful girls. Surely there are girls out there today like the ones I knew back in school, who started their own clubs, weren’t ashamed to say they nursed frogs back to health in their neighborhood, or, like me, wrote down “paleontologist” when polled on what they wanted to be when they grew up. “Princess” usually didn’t figure much into things.

There are a variety of shirts available that are simply put: “Future Brain Surgeon,” “Future Leader of the Free World,” and the like. What will appeal directly to girls more, I think, are the Girl Mogul characters. Their anime look style makes them very modern looking.

I think the “Future Leader of the Free World” Toddler shirt would look good on my cousin’s new baby until she chooses her own career path.

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