Look Out MacGyver, Here Comes ME

flashlighthting.gifI have been such a geek for 5.11 Tactical gear from the LaPoliceGear.com site lately. I always love cool little gadgets, but I recently found a utility knife that is to my liking. Is it really considered a “knife,” as there is a flashlight in it.  A flashlight can’t cut anything, but it can sure help on late night happenings, like hikes and wildlife rescue.   Often, when I come into that type of encounter, I don’t exactly have a big flashlight on me, nor do I have something to cut a collar or rope that has gotten caught.

Of course, I will have to find out exactly how potent the little light is.  However, it is probably just enough in the dark to see what you are doing so that you don’t grab the southbound end of a northbound fox or dog.  It seems to be exactly what I need, having a scissor like tool as well.   I am going to order one and let you know exactly what I think.

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