Leather Briefcases…In Miniature

I have quite a few purses, but now that I am so active I hardly carry them. Some are too big. Some are just awkward to carry. I keep looking for something very small, but yet large enough to carry my phone, camera, and a plastic bag to clean up after the dog. In other words, I need leather briefcases, but tiny. Oh, it also has to be something I can be “hands free” with. Fanny packs look to touristy, and they don’t go from trail to a place somewhat respectable. They are bulky on my small frame. Wristlets are great, but when I try to attach them to my belt, my pants start to slide down with the weight.

I think I finally found the solution.  This “Wallet On a Waist” is at Leathertree.com. It looks much classier than a regular old fanny pack. It is 6.75 x 4, so the size of a typical clutch purse. I like the brown leather.  They look very rich and a bit more unexpected than the typical black.  In fact, the one at left reminds me of saddle leather.


What I am curious about is the size of the belt. Often I find that the belts are huge on me, even with adjustment. That is something I will have to contact them about, as it is not listed on the site.

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