It’s Not Just A Money Issue When Moving With Pets…

I wanted to make a bit of a correction. Actually, there was no mistake made; it was merely implied. In the last post I made about housing, I inadvertently implied that folks don’t retain their pets because they can’t afford modest accommodations that allow pets to be included in the family mix. The epidemic of dumping off a pet when one moves isn’t isolated to hardship. Of course, hardship is relative, but that is a discussion for another day. How many times have I blogged about folks who dump a dog at the pound because they are moving to a Luxury Loft or high rise condo and the transition “would not be fair to the dog” or “they want to travel.” Far too many to count.

When looking for a rental situation, even if it is high end, always call and ask what their pet policy is. Occasionally, the policy is loosened for individuals who have demonstrated prior goodwill with landlords, but at commercially owner apartment buildings the flexibility is typically nil. Call until you find a short list of properties that accept your pet and make appointments to see those, rather than letting yourself fall in love with a place and creating a false “hardship” situation.

(By the way, there is an Apartment Market Overview put out by the census department that includes median prices for apartment and condo rental units, in case you are interested.)

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