Cool Summer Shoes for a Cool Cause

flipflops.jpgSummer is here, unless you are in the summer hemisphere. There, it is winter, but maybe you are thinking about summer just because all the media outlets originating from North America and Europe are commiserating about it. Either way, its time to stop burying your nose in SEO and web host news books and newsletters and thinking about counting baby ducks and walking around in your flip flops.

During the summer months, Saving Shelter Pets, Inc., is selling flip flops as a fundraiser. They are not your typical flimsy piece of foam with a hole in the middle. There are slider sandals, shown at left, with tops are Velcro for folks who hate the feeling of the plastic or leather thong between one’s toes.  Please don’t be tempted to wear wool socks with them.  You can, but it might not be a fashion statement unless you have an injured foot.  Then, its totally acceptable.  There is also a traditional flip flop with small paw prints across the band.

The shoes bear an SSP logo and feature a paw print embellishment.  Price is $13.00 plus shipping and handling. For every pair sold, $3.50 goes directly to Saving Shelter Pets, Inc.  Some folks may wonder, why sell shoes?  Why not just give SSP $3.50.  Well, you certainly can do that, but if you have been wanting to buy a pair of sandals for the beach anyways, isn’t it great to know that part of the proceeds will go to a good cause?

Sizes range from XXS (Youth size 13) to XXL (Ladies size 11).  Ladies 11 works out to about a men’s size 9, but check the measurements, as men’s shoes tend to run wider.

To order, visit the order page at the Saving Shelter Pets, Inc., website=>>> HERE.<<<=

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