Pricey Properties have Pet Restrictions Too.

palm1Many golf course communities attract active retirees as well as working adults who either enjoy the pastime or appreciate the deed restrictions of the neighborhood. One might safely assume if you are plunking down funds in the high $100,000 to low $300,000 for a condo or a villa to own, that all pets are welcome. For properties as diverse as a PGA Port St Lucie, Florida, property to a homes dotting a more woodland setting, pets are usually welcome, but read the fine print. A higher ticket price does not always buy more freedom.

Communities that have units that are 600-1000 feet in dimension often restrict dogs to one…or maybe two. One could argue that four chihuahuas would be happy in that space, or three giant breed dogs that are slow moving so long as they get walks, but a large management company or condo association finds it taxing to rule on a case by case basis on hundreds of units and instead of having size restrictions, have found where the sweet spot for the average resident and the residents who do not have pets is. This could be based on the reasonable numbers of pets their green spaces and common spaces can support as well.

If you are looking to move into such a community with pets, read the restrictions first and choose the best place in the running that allows all of your pets. If you only have one pets and move somewhere where you think that the limit should be raised, do not move in with ten pets and expect to be accommodated. Rather, talk to other residents who feel the same and petition the board before you think about more pets. The change won’t be likely if only several residents agree, but it is a better option than setting out to violate the rules and then suffer when you are not accommodated.  If you live in a condo building or development that allows pets, and then changes its tune, usually your pets are grandfathered in if you purchased before the change.


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